East Anglia

In the East of England, it's the beauty that will take your breath away, not the hills! It is often called " England's Cycling Country" because the mostly flat and sometimes rolling countryside is perfect for cycling. A network of quiet country lanes and ancient trackways guide you along, through fields of lavender and corn, past picturesque windmills and ancient churches to arrive at a medieval village with its teashop or pub. The inland areas have many secrets to be discovered churches, castles, gardens, vineyards and Anglo-Saxon sites whilst the unique Suffolk Coast is designated an "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty". You can visit beautiful buildings such as Norwich Cathedral or enjoy the variety of wildlife on the Norfolk Broads. In contrast the unspoilt seaside villages of Aldeburgh and Southwold have a tranquil air that will allow you to unwind and relax.

Picture of Suffolk Coast & Constable Country


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