Vienna Parliment
This is a diverse tour exploring mystic swamplands along the majestic Danube, the Hungarian lowlands, dreamy country villages, and the historic cities of Vienna and Budapest.


Lake Balaton
Although it is unfortunate there is no dedicated cycle path along the Danube between Vienna and Budapest, it does mean that our inland route is free from crowds of tourists and cyclists. Travel on safe, tranquil roads, through beautiful countryside far away from mass-tourism. It is mainly flat with small inclines along the two largest lakes in Hungary.


Puszta - Break at the Sheep Flock
Hungary's Great Plain is an enormous prairie stretching hundreds of miles east of Budapest. Known as the Puszta - meaning "deserted", the sunshine and dry continental air provide an ideal climate for this bike tour on the Eastern Plain. In a region rich in thermal and healing spas, each night of the bike voyage provides an opportunity to refresh, relax and regenerate.



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