Masurian Lakeland (GML)


Start / End
Warsaw / Warsaw
199 ml (320 km)
7 Nights / 8 Days

The Masurian lake plateau was and remains one of Poland's most popular destinations for tourists on two wheels. Not only natural beauty draws the tourist to this area with literally thousands of crystalline lakes, dreamy alleyways with trees that are centuries old and forested areas in their natural state. The Masurian area is also of great historical interest. It formed the Prussian province of East Prussia for some centuries. This is where Teutonic Knights left their Gothic and Medieval castles and the Nazis their bunkers. In fact it was here, in the famous 'Wolfschanze' (Wolf's Lair), that the fateful attempt to assassinate Hitler took place in the year 1944.

Masuria offers the cyclist predominantly flat land, side roads with few cars, a well developed tourist infrastructure and welcoming inhabitants - making it an appealing destination for individuals riding for pleasure. Bird Service has an affordable tour for cyclists travelling alone. Find an opportunity to take one of a number of fast trains or low-priced flights to Warsaw on a Saturday so that you can acquaint yourself with this fascinating area during a week of cycling before returning to Warsaw. It is a relaxing tour allowing you to experience the many attractions of the area. The overnight stays are at 5 different locations, there is a ship cruise and we also offer an optional canoe trip. On one of the days it is possible to choose between routes of different lengths. This package is compatible with our other weekly trips. For example, if you book the weeklong Krakow and Dunajec Cycle Path or the Cycling in Silesia tour, you could go on to Warsaw for our Masurian-Ring cycle tour.


Every Saturday 25th April - 19th Sept 2020


(advice only, not included) By air to Warsaw Airport. Airport transfers available


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