Puszta - Break at the Sheep Flock
HUNGARY - Spa Tour Through The Puszta Group Tour (HST)


Start / End
Budapest / Budapest
134 ml (216 km)
6 Nights / 7 Days

Hungary's Great Plain is an enormous prairie stretching hundreds of miles east of Budapest. Known as the Puszta - meaning "deserted", the sunshine and dry continental air provide an ideal climate for this bike tour on the Eastern Plain. In a region rich in thermal and healing spas, each night of the bike voyage provides an opportunity to refresh, relax and regenerate. All ages will enjoy the easy cycling, pleasant climate and stress relieving spas of this special tour.

Highlights of this tour: 

  •   Cycling tour on a flat country from thermal spa to thermal spa
  •   Cycling on the bitumenized embankments without car traffic for days
  •   Nature reserves, natural parks, protected landscape areas
  •   Countless stork nests, entopic animal species
  •   Hortobágy Puszta, the largest continuous natural grass-steppe in Europe
  •   Bird Sanctuary on Lake Tisza - "just nature and us ..."
  •   Daily spa visits: Bathing, Swimming and Relaxing
  •   An easy bicycle tour for young and old 


4th, 19th April; 9th May; 1st, 13th, 27th June; 11th, 25th July; 8th, 22nd Aug; 5th, 19th Sept; 3rd Oct 2020.


(advice only, not included) By air to Budapest/Vienna Bratislava Airport. Transfers available


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