Venice Lands (VLT)


Start / End
Vicenza / Vicenza
1, 2
189 ml (304 km)
7 Nights / 8 Days

This northern region of Italy is home to the world-famous city of Venice. While the region is small, there is more to it than just the city of Venezia, as the locals call it. The nearby area is rich with natural beauty and small, heavily fortified towns. Situated between the Alps and the Adriatic sea this tour is perfect to discover Italy by bike. The route covers approxiamtely175mile/280km on level cycle paths or roads with low traffic volume. At the foot of the Berici Mountains, where the rivers Retrone and Bacchiglione meet is the city of Vicenza and this is where our cycling adventure starts. From here we continue to Bassano del Grappa and onwards to Treviso. A trip to this region of Italy would not be complete if we missed Venice and cycled along the two narrow islands of Malamocco and Pellestrina. We continue to Padova 'a city of legendary origin' which has kept intact to this day many signs of its glorious past before ending with a final night in Vicenza.


Every Saturday & Sunday 24th March to 20th Oct from Vicenza or every Tuesday & Wednesday from Mestre.

Special departure dates

Special departure dates can be organised for at least 5 persons.


(advice only, not included) By air to Venice, Treviso, Vicenza, Verona airports.


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